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Stock rotation is the practice of moving older stock to the front of the shelving to be sold first, with newer produce in line for sale behind. In practice, there are several approaches to this concept.
Fur & Feather came to Nexserve looking to update their existing EPoS system: "We need a system that assists in stock control, purchasing and sales. It must be easy to use whilst meeting fairly complex stock control requirements."
The nature of Portlands operating at all hours meant they required ongoing local support through the night shift. Portlands contacted ICRTouch Partner, TILLMAX, who cover London and can also provide local 24/7 technical support across the city.
To update their EPOS solutions, the farm enlisted the help of ICRTouch 2018 Gold Partner, 1Call4, a systems integrator and provider of ICRTouch software in the north of England.
Kevin Baldwin is MD at Baldwins Department Stores and has been using TouchLoyalty for about 15 months. He’s delighted with what the firm’s been able to achieve, building strong relationships with its customers.