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Top 4 loyalty schemes within ByTable to engage your customers

Create comprehensive loyalty schemes from discounts, exclusive offers, points systems and more. The ICRTouch ByTable and TouchTakeaway remote ordering solutions give you full flexibility to reward your most loyal customers.

Here are 4 features of ByTable and TouchTakeaway you can use to nurture customer loyalty.

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1. Customer balances

Under the ‘My account’ section of the app, your customers will be able to view their current balance. You have the ability to add funds to any customer balance whenever you want. This is great for incentivising large purchases, or when you want to offer a kick-back after customers complete a certain action. For example, for large attraction venues, you may want to offer a £5.00 credit to your customers as an incentive once they’ve purchased a season pass.

This function can also be used to add funds to customer accounts as a sweetener if they’ve been disgruntled for any reason. Funds added to accounts can be instantly spent on any product within your app.

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2. Bespoke discounts

One of the most common loyalty functions is the simple discount. Within ByTable and TouchTakeaway, you have the ability to create bespoke discounts to suit your requirements. Whether you’re wanting to run a discount on a single product, a group of products, a whole category, or run different tiered discounts across different products, you can set these up easily. 

Before checking out, customers can enter your unique discount code and save a percentage on their basket total. To roll the promotion out, simply create your bespoke discounts and notify your most loyal customers via push notifications.

3. Comprehensive points schemes

Foster customer loyalty by rewarding repeat purchases with a points scheme. Elaborate points schemes can serve as a powerful marketing tool, attracting new customers who are enticed by the prospect of earning rewards. With the ICRTouch system, you gain full control of setting your rewards and the amount of points that need to be collected in order to redeem benefits. 

The apps make the point collection process effortless for your customers too, by allowing them to save their login details, and instantly rewarding them with points in their account after each purchase. These points schemes not only enhance customer satisfaction but also contribute to both increased repeat purchases and positive brand image.

4. Customer specific promotions

Run targeted promotions based on customer buying behaviour to create a personalised experience. Customer specific promotions can act as a powerful driver of repeat custom, encouraging loyalty and advocacy. This loyalty feature creates a sense of appreciation among customers, as they perceive the promotions as uniquely catered to their preferences, enticing them to return more often. Running targeted promotions can result in a mutually beneficial relationship between businesses and their customers and also lead to an increase in sales.

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