Intelligent EPoS can help save retail business costs

Figures from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) showed that April saw the first year-on-year fall in retail sale volumes in 13 months, reflecting the cost-of-living squeeze.

The CBI’s headline retail sales balance fell to -35 in April from +9 in March, with some 63% of stores reporting sales volumes falling.

Electronic point of sale EPoS solutions for the retail industry from ICRTouch

“Retail sales were below seasonal norms in April as consumer spending continued to shift back towards services and rising prices impacted households’ spending power.” – CBI Economist Martin Sartorius

TouchPoint Retail cost saving

With consumers reducing their retail spending, there’s some clear wins for retail businesses to save costs with an intelligent electronic point of sale (EPoS) solution that can help improve productivity and efficiency across retail business operations. From intuitive point of sale (TouchPoint) and back office management (TouchOffice Web) software reducing administration time to SelfService kiosks reducing staff resource costs, there’s a few must-have solutions for retail businesses looking to cut costs over the coming months.

Intuitive, easy to use point of sale

Our flagship software, TouchPoint, has been developed continuously over the past 20+ years and now includes countless features and functionality, designed specifically to support the needs of the retail and hospitality industries. The reliable, effortless solution will speed up your interactions with customers and provide a streamlined experience.

Intelligent business management

Gaining real-time insight into your business performance is vital for being able to make intelligent business decisions and TouchOffice Web gives you access to the data you need, anytime, from anywhere. Intuitive, visual analytics are combined with a full suite of reports and the ability to manage your business remotely, from adjusting stock and pricing to editing customer accounts, loyalty and more. TouchOffice Web not only helps you save money by giving you more in-depth insight into your best performing products, but also saves you time as administration tasks are sped up thanks to having all the data you need at your fingertips.

SelfService Retail cost saving

Consistent, reliable service with kiosks

Increasing order values by 10% is easy with SelfService kiosks. Data shows customers spend more when they’re placing orders via a user-friendly, independent ordering kiosk and the SelfService solution also helps to streamline the whole customer experience. The engaging ordering system lets you configure deals, mix and match promotions and adjust your sale categories, letting you accept more orders using less resources.

Find out how our intelligent EPoS solutions can help your retail business engage customers, work smarter and save money.


As the weather warms up and the summer finally approaches, hospitality business owners have plenty on their plate to prepare for the expected increase in footfall. To make the most of the busy summer season and ensure the most is made of the opportunities for increased revenue, it’s important to get ready with the right tools in place.
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