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New POS legal requirements for Denmark in 2024

From 1st January 2024, there are a series of new legal requirements for certain businesses in Denmark to improve their POS and register sales with digital cash registers. The legal requirement will force businesses to declare all sales information in a digital form called SAF-T (Standard Audit File For Tax) when requested by authorities. 

Updating POS systems with a tight timeframe can be a challenging and costly task, but we’re working to ensure ICRTouch solutions help streamline the transition for our Danish customers, providing compliant, robust and intelligent digital POS.

As we fast approach the new tax regulations coming into force in 2024, it’s vital that Danish businesses implement a compliant POS system that’s user-friendly and helps you streamline the new processes required. 

The new rules apply to the following industries:

  • Cafes

  • Restaurants

  • Public houses

  • Grocers

  • Newsagents

  • Pizzerias

  • Takeaways

What is required to stay compliant?

The new regulation states that a number of technical features are required from all POS systems from the new year.

  • Automatic signing of transactions

  • Electronic sales data journals

  • SAF-T export file capabilities

Under the new legislation, hospitality and retail businesses in Denmark must operate a POS system capable of recording all transactional information, and exporting sales files at any given point. Here at ICRTouch, we’re working with our Danish Partners to ensure full compliance with the new fiscalization regulations set by the Danish Tax Agency.

Relevant POS features that will help with compliance:

  • Intuitive digital sales registration

  • Secure signing and chaining of all transactions

  • Efficient recording of electronic sales data journals

  • Seamless SAF-T export files

As industry leaders, we take great pride in constantly tailoring our solutions to comply with new regulations and current events, so our customers across the globe can keep their operations streamlined and stress free. 


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