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Top hospitality tips for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s the perfect opportunity for hospitality businesses to make the most of increased footfall. Research shows that sales can increase as much as 65% on Valentine’s Day for businesses that plan ahead.

Updating outdated systems can unlock a range of opportunities for maximising revenue. Here are our top tips for how to capitalise on Valentine’s Day with one fully integrated EPoS ecosystem.

Glasses filled with red wine on the table

Avoid any heart breaks

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, meaning your restaurant will soon receive heaps of romantic bookings from celebrating couples. Make sure they have the best possible experience by ensuring online bookings are simply and easy. Take your restaurant to new heights with TouchReservation and, as things don’t always go to plan, don’t risk being stood up by also securing deposits either per person or per table. 

The online table booking system completely eliminates the chance of booking mistakes and eradicates the admin surrounding reservations, confirmations and table allocations, allowing your staff to focus on providing excellent customer service and creating memorable experiences for your guests. 

Don’t interrupt the moment 

Elevate customer experience with exceptional service and spend less time at the table thanks to PocketTouch, the intuitive mobile order taking solution that sends orders straight to the kitchen at the click of a button. Streamlining the order process ensures couples have more time to savour each other’s company distraction-free, ensuring their time together at your venue is even more special.

The digital EPoS solution not only helps streamline seamless operations, but also unlocks multiple upselling and cross-selling opportunities by equipping staff with all necessary promotional information from the palm of their hands. The quick access to necessary information reduces mistakes, increases revenue and results in improved customer satisfaction.

Create romantic events with digital ticketing

Valentine’s Day goes beyond celebrating couples. Over half of single women in the UK celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends or family and so it’s a clever move for hospitality businesses to consider catering for a wider audience. Hosting ‘Galentine’s Day’, aimed at single ladies celebrating their friendship together, can be a revenue boosting move.

For Galentine’s day and any other Valentine’s Day events, the ICRTouch digital Ticketing system can be useful to effortlessly create event-specific tickets and fully customisable ticket designs. Thanks to seamless integration of ICRTouch solutions, customers can purchase tickets through your TouchTakeaway/ByTable ordering apps, TouchPoint till or SelfService kiosks. Eliminate the hassle of manual ticketing, reduce queues at the door and enhance the overall experience for both hosts and guests at your events.

Revolutionise the way orders are processed and prepared

Prepare for the romantic rush by completely streamlining front of house and kitchen team communications with a suite of seamlessly integrating systems. TouchKitchen is the intuitive kitchen order display system that gives kitchen teams a comprehensive view of incoming orders, speeding up service and reducing mistakes. Orders received from all sales channels appear instantly on TouchKitchen. From colour coordination, to setting order timers, TouchKitchen increases the efficiency of your hospitality operations, ensuring a reliable and streamlined Valentine’s Day service with no mistakes.

Entice customers with personalised romantic offers and keep them informed

Keep customers in the loop with push notifications from ByTable and TouchTakeaway. Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Wednesday, so why not extend the celebrations until the weekend to give couples a chance to spend quality time together? Whether it’s a limited time special for the perfect date night or a reminder to secure your table by making a reservation, push notifications are an excellent way of engaging with your customers and increasing your restaurant’s footfall. 

Deliver the experience to your customers’ homes

Make this Valentine’s Day extra special with the intuitive and user friendly TouchTakeaway app and let customers enjoy their favourite meal from the comfort of their home. Research shows that out of all couples who celebrate, 25% prefer to stay in and order and since Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year, this number could potentially rise even further.

The solution diversifies your revenue streams whilst also offering customers an alternative ordering experience. What makes TouchTakeaway even more heart-warming, is it charges 0% commission on every order, allowing you to set affordable prices for your customers while ensuring your business still maintains a fair profit margin.

Make sure you’re prepared

Possessing a range of intuitive and user friendly digital solutions can elevate your hospitality business’s operations on Valentine’s Day by completely streamlining service. Intelligent automation takes the weight off your staff’s shoulders, allowing them to deliver excellent service and therefore improve customer experience. As listed in this article there are numerous profitable avenues to explore during the romantic event, therefore it’s important that your business finds the most suitable solutions for its environment to fully maximise revenue.

To find out more about our solutions and how they can benefit your business, reach out to a local Authorised Partner here.


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