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How pub & bar owners can manage outdoor areas easily this summer with efficient EPoS

EPoS to keep up with the pace of pubs and bars, providing more functionality than simply accepting orders, the ICRTouch solution brings together all operations of your business. Read the report to find out how you could be increasing order values by over 40%, saving 1/3 of unnecessary staff time taking orders at the table, and accessing over 200 reports to give you in-depth business insight.
Busy outdoor pub seating area in summer

Woman sat in pub garden ordering food on a ByTable app from her phoneSimplify your outdoor seating this summer with a bespoke app and order-to-table solution

ByTable has been supporting the industry for years; providing an effective solution to meet customer demand for placing orders from the table. When your pub garden and outdoor areas are fully booked with groups enjoying the sunshine, ByTable will save your staff time, letting them focus on providing incredible customer service.

Increase orders values by over 40%

Data shows customers are likely to spend more when placing their own orders, rather than at a traditional till. Customers can access your menu via a QR code, website, or your very own app from any device, giving them flexibility to order in their own time.

Add TouchReservation to take online table bookings, even when you’re closed. Eradicate the admin of table bookings and free up your staff by automating allocations and confirmations.

“Thanks to ByTable, we’re now turning over 80% more with the same number of staff and we’ll never go back to taking orders at the bar.”


Couple ordering food at table via a waiter using ICRTouch PocketTouch digital ordering software on a tablet deviceRaise the customer service bar with digital ordering for staff

With staff shortages continuing it’s no surprise hospitality businesses are turning to technology to reduce reliance on staff resources. PocketTouch digital order taking software is available on iOS, Windows and Android, helping you turnover tables quicker, increase order values and reduce mistakes.

Save 1/3 on unnecessary staff time spent at the table

Reduce unnecessary staff time at the table by over 30%, resulting in better, more efficient customer service. With PocketTouch, your team has menu, allergen, stock and promotional information in the palm of their hands, ensuring they’re ready to answer customer questions and upsell without checking back at the till.

With digital ordering in place, supported by the wider system to include intelligent kitchen display systems, effective loyalty, easily accessible reporting and flexible EPoS that works for you, you’ll be handling outdoor areas quicker than ever before with an ICRTouch all-in-one solution.

Conquer the staff shortage crisis brochure from ICRTouch


To find out more, read the full report here.


Dive into the peak season with industry-leading EPoS solutions that not only maximise efficiency, but also foster more sustainable operations. The increased traffic you’ll experience during the summer will require more comprehensive resource management, so it’s important to have an all-in-one system you can rely on.  With a seamlessly integrating ecosystem of solutions from ICRTouch, you can rely on intelligent automation to ask the right questions at the right time, ensuring your operations are as efficient as possible, reducing mistakes and as a result, minimising waste. Read more to find out how ICRTouch solutions will keep your pub running as efficiently and sustainably as possible throughout the busy summer season. 
We're excited to announce we'll be releasing a brand new update for TouchPoint. This enhancement to our flagship software is designed to revolutionise the way customers engage with the solution, offering an updated, exciting user experience. The solution has gained a fresh new look, as well as a range of convenient features, providing your business with the most powerful version of TouchPoint ever.
With the much awaited summer season around the corner, you’re already working on ways to capitalise on the increased footfall your venue will experience. As the warm weather approaches, it’s time to consider how to best utilise your spaces, and events could be the perfect option to bring in even more customers. Whether it’s a bottomless brunch, live music, pub quiz, or anything in between, ICRTouch’s Ticketing solution is the perfect tool to have under your belt to streamline ticket management for your events.