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Top tech to implement before the summer rush

If you’re a pub owner, you’re probably already wondering how to maximise revenue in the upcoming summer season. As the weather starts to improve, pubs and bars will experience an increase in footfall, processing more transactions, fulfilling more orders and receiving more reservations.

Here at ICRTouch, we provide your business with a range of intuitive software solutions to cover all aspects of your business, helping you work smarter not harder. Here are our top 5 EPoS solutions that pub and bar owners should consider implementing before the summer rush for an even more successful season. 

Digital order taking 

As the sunny season approaches, you’ll be experiencing more customers dining and drinking in your outdoor seating areas. Maintaining customer satisfaction with increased footfall can be a challenging task without the right tools, which is why a digital order taking device like PocketTouch can come in handy. The intuitive mobile order taking device provides your staff with all necessary menu and promotional information in the palm of their hand, reducing back and forth trips to the till, allowing them to focus more on providing excellent customer service and take advantage of upselling opportunities.

These benefits of PocketTouch allow your staff to manage large indoor and outdoor spaces with ease, improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Seamless integration between PocketTouch and your order management system means orders are sent straight to the kitchen and bar areas, instantly notifying all relevant members of staff, completely streamlining summer service.

Order-to-table solution

Capitalise on the increased traffic by diversifying your revenue streams. Venues with large outdoor areas on busy summer evenings may find it difficult to maintain high quality service, or struggle to plan staff resources correctly, which is why a self-ordering solution can come in handy. Whether it’s light bites, snacks, hearty meals or refreshing drinks, ByTable lets your customers order to their table at the click of a button without the need of staff assistance, speeding up service, whilst freeing up staff to focus on other important tasks. 

ByTable increases basket totals, allows customers to personalise their orders and also provides your business with a range of comprehensive, built-in loyalty options to retain customers throughout the year, which is why it’s the perfect tool to have under your belt for the upcoming season. 

Intuitive kitchen display system

Streamline the management of your pub gardens by transforming the way orders are processed. Implementing an intelligent, digital order processing system like TouchKitchen ensures all incoming orders are clearly organised. Whether orders are placed by customers or staff, they all appear neatly, in one easily accessible place. TouchKitchen allows kitchen teams to view, sort and condense orders, giving them complete control over organisation and making sure food leaves the kitchen on time.

The solution also reduces mistakes by eliminating the need for messy pen and paper orders, as all incoming orders are clearly displayed on your TouchKitchen screens. Once an order has been completed, chefs can effortlessly notify front of house members of staff at the click of a button, speeding up table turnover and ensuring customers receive their orders quicker.

ChefGuard order regulation system

Never again worry about the kitchen getting overwhelmed with orders during busy service. ChefGuard is an intuitive feature of your ByTable and TouchTakeaway ordering apps, that regulates incoming orders. The virtual order queueing system puts you in charge of controlling how many orders are fed to the kitchen every minute, allowing you to specify which kitchen printers you want to function with ChefGuard and which you don’t. 

Therefore the feature allows you to still print drink orders instantly at the bar while ChefGuard delays the print of food orders to the kitchen, reducing the stress in the kitchen, whilst also keeping customers in the loop about their order progress. The ChefGuard feature is perfect for keeping things under control during peak periods.

Around the clock reservation system

Gain an insight into your footfall and free up your staff from administrative duties with an intelligent reservation system that takes bookings around the clock. TouchReservation gives your customers an opportunity to reserve their favourite spot in advance, locking in their plans for the night. The solution allows you to set your own rules for compulsory deposit amounts and will securely store guests’ payment details. Fully integrated with your ByTable app and TouchPoint tills, the solution will automatically sync bookings placed online with those entered via the till, preventing double bookings.


Implementing a range of ICRTouch solutions for the upcoming summer season is a recipe for success. The seamless integration of solutions provide you with a range of robust and reliable tools that completely streamline day-to-day service as well as boosting revenue. The solutions can be implemented in numerous ways, giving your business significant flexibility to tailor them to the way you work. Our comprehensive partner network is scattered around the UK, ensuring there’s always an Authorised Partner nearby who’ll be happy to assist you. Contact your local Authorised Partner to explore a range of ICRTouch solutions to benefit your business.


Save time and money this summer, by facilitating the management of your beer gardens with at-table ordering. ByTable, the intuitive self-ordering solution, not only diversifies your revenue streams but also streamlines service during peak summer periods, by empowering customers to place their own orders.
With the summer season around the corner, managing large outdoor seating areas and beer gardens can be a challenging task without the right tools, which is why a digital order taking solution can make all the difference. Delicious food, cold refreshments and a great atmosphere on a warm summer day is nothing short of enticing for millions of customers, and the increase in footfall is exactly why it’s important to ensure your operations are working as efficiently as possible. PocketTouch is the intuitive digital order taking solution that will completely transform the operations of your hospitality business during the peak season. Here, we delve into the benefits that PocketTouch boasts and how it will help you tackle the summer rush this year.