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Manage beer gardens easier than ever with at-table ordering

Save time and money this summer, by facilitating the management of your beer gardens with at-table ordering. ByTable, the intuitive self-ordering solution, not only diversifies your revenue streams but also streamlines service during peak summer periods, by empowering customers to place their own orders.

In this article we’ll dive into the range of operational benefits of ByTable and how these features can completely streamline the management of your beer gardens in the upcoming summer season.

ByTable at table ordering

Give customers the opportunity to fully customise their orders

ByTable gives customers an opportunity to fully personalise their selections, allowing them to create their perfect order. Our data shows that customers spend 40% more when placing their own orders because they’re not rushed into making a decision and can carefully consider their choices. With this in mind, ByTable also charges 0% commission on every order, meaning it not only increases order totals, but also allows you to keep 100% of the profit in your pocket. Therefore, the solution is the perfect tool to have under your belt for maximising profits in your beer gardens. 

Free up staff from the order taking process

With an intuitive self ordering solution like ByTable, customers are empowered to place their own orders. Customers can simply enter their table number, or scan uniquely generated QR codes on their table and begin ordering straight away. The solution frees up staff from the order taking process, who then can focus on other important tasks during busy service, such as preparing orders and providing excellent customer service. ByTable is especially handy in the summer for venues with large outdoor beer gardens, as it makes managing increased footfall easier, helping to tackle staff shortage issues. 

Speed up service and improve efficiency

Efficiency is the key to success within the hospitality industry during peak season, which is why an intuitive self ordering solution is essential to transform your operations. Seamless integration with the wider ICRTouch ecosystem completely streamlines operations, as all orders placed on the ByTable app instantly appear on your TouchKitchen order management system, speeding up service and reducing mistakes. Your in app menu displays live stock and menu information, ensuring that customers don’t place orders for items that aren’t available and therefore improving customer experience and operational efficiency. 

Entice repeat custom with loyalty schemes

ByTable offers a range of built-in loyalty features that’ll help your business entice repeat custom. Whether you’re running comprehensive points schemes, gifting funds to customer balances or even creating bespoke discount codes, the range of built in loyalty schemes is intuitive and easy to use.  Customer accounts make it effortless to analyse customer spending habits in your TouchOffice Web back office management system too, allowing you to create bespoke personalised promotions whenever you need. 

ByTable offers a comprehensive solution to effortlessly manage large beer gardens this summer. The self ordering solution speeds up service, reduces mistakes and frees up staff from the order taking process, improving your business’s operational efficiency. Reach out to a local Authorised Partner to find out more about how ByTable can benefit your system and how the wider ICRTouch ecosystem of solutions can streamline your operations. 


With the summer season around the corner, managing large outdoor seating areas and beer gardens can be a challenging task without the right tools, which is why a digital order taking solution can make all the difference. Delicious food, cold refreshments and a great atmosphere on a warm summer day is nothing short of enticing for millions of customers, and the increase in footfall is exactly why it’s important to ensure your operations are working as efficiently as possible. PocketTouch is the intuitive digital order taking solution that will completely transform the operations of your hospitality business during the peak season. Here, we delve into the benefits that PocketTouch boasts and how it will help you tackle the summer rush this year.
If you’re a pub owner, you’re probably already wondering how to maximise revenue in the upcoming summer season. As the weather starts to improve, pubs and bars will experience an increase in footfall, processing more transactions, fulfilling more orders and receiving more reservations.