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Effective EPoS helps The Tollemache Arms win BII Licensee of the Year 2023

Jo and Flo from the Tollemache Arms, a renowned restaurant and pub located in a picturesque countryside setting of Harrington, have officially been awarded ‘Licensee of the Year 2023’ by the British Institute of Innkeeping.

This incredible award win follows the team recognising a need to upgrade their technology infrastructure in order to enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiency. They worked with our Authorised Silver Partner, ASG, to implement upgrades both inside the pub and within their outdoor seating areas.
Tollemache Arms implement ICRTouch EPoS solutions

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Tollemache Arms implement ICRTouch EPoS solutions

The brief - overcome previous challenges and improve experience

As a result of previous challenges that the team were facing such as confused communication and slow service, the primary focus for The Tollemache Arms was to improve both the staff and customer experience with their EPoS solutions. That included a few specific requirements:

  • Streamlining ordering and payment processes and improving efficiency.
  • Enable seamless order management and communication between the kitchen and front-of-house staff.
  • Enhance operational efficiency through the integration of advanced technology.
  • Extend WiFi coverage throughout the premises to provide reliable internet access for guests & for use of PocketTouch digital ordering in the garden.
  • The solution - an efficient, integrated system

    The installation comprised of the following:

  • 3 x TouchPoint indoor terminals
  • 2 x TouchPoint outdoor terminals
  • PocketTouch mobile order taking systems
  • WiFi range extensions
  • TouchTakeaway
  • TouchOffice Web+
  • The team from ASG worked closely with The Tollemache management to install a suite of tailored new solutions. Three indoor TouchPoint terminals enabled the staff to improve efficiency and provide swifter service for customers. The generation of real-time reports via TouchOffice Web+ also allowed for better inventory and sales management.

    In addition to the indoor terminals, two TouchPoint touch screens were installed outside to help cater for the busy outdoor seating area. These provided the same functionality as the indoor ones, allowing customers to conveniently place orders and make payments without having to enter the premises.

    Recognising the demand for a seamless ordering experience in the outdoor seating area, the ASG team also integrated PocketTouch digital order taking solutions to take orders directly from the tables and ensure prompt delivery of orders.

    The Tollemache Arms also operates a ByTable app for customers to easily order-to-table.

    The result - improved efficiency and customer experience

    The implementation of ICRTouch solutions yielded hugely positive outcomes for The Tollemache Arms, ultimately, helping them take home the BII Licensee of the Year Award.

    The new terminals and their positioning both indoors and outdoors allowed for faster order and payment processing, resulting in reduced wait times and improved customer satisfaction.

    The automation of the whole integrated system has reduced errors and significantly increased accuracy, minimising customer complaints and therefore improving staff morale. Real-time reports generated by the system have helped the management team to make intelligent, data-driven decisions, optimising inventory levels, and identifying best sellers.

    By embracing technological advancements the Tollemache Arms successfully transformed their operations. The upgrades resulted in improved customer experience, increased operational efficiency, and greater customer reach.

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