Improving EPoS for over 20 years, since the first piece of TouchPoint software

Since the very first piece of TouchPoint EPoS (electronic point of sale) software was released way back in 1999, it’s been a story of continuous development and improvement.
ICRTouch improving EPoS for 20+ years

Did you know…?
Since TouchPoint’s initial release, the product has seen an average year-on-year growth of 21%!

Here at ICRTouch we strongly believe in ensuring all our software is continuously developed, meeting the needs of both our customers and their consumers in turn. For our flagship software, the story is no different. Over the past 20+ years, that single piece of TouchPoint software has seen over 250 versions, with tens of thousands of new features, improvements and upgrades along the way.

TouchPoint was the first EPoS system to host a graphical floor plan and is the only system to provide full script support.

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Originally conceptualised to ensure hospitality businesses had access to a point of sale system which included all the features they could possibly need, TouchPoint has now expanded to be relevant to much broader industry sectors, from hospitality to retail and even venues and events. The core objective however, remains the same – to enable businesses to improve their efficiency with an easy to use solution that does the hard work for them.

TouchPoint not only supports small businesses by providing an affordable, flexible solution, it is also scalable to support big business; proven by its use by some of the world’s largest brands including BBC, Costa, Heineken, Oxfam, McLaren, Papa John’s, BAFTA and many more.

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Over the years, each version has seen upgrades to new features that have included improvements to:

  • Efficiency and speed of performance
  • Usability and ease of use
  • Security, safety & compliance
  • Integrations (both internal & third party)
  • Reliability & scalability
  • ETAL
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Efficiency and speed of performance

As business wonders, we all know that keeping operations running smoothly is a key to success. TouchPoint gives its users the flexibility to automate many operations, which in turn, ensures speedy service, keeping both your teams and customers happy.

Usability and ease of use

The entire system has been specifically designed to ensure ease of use. As well as having intuitive design and functionality, TouchPoint has seen many upgrades over the years to the user interface which have been a result of consumer feedback, ensuring the user experience is streamline and straightforward.

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Security, safety and compliance

As legislation and regulation has changed over the past couple of decades, so too has our software. Ensuring compliance is a core priority and over the years we’ve invested a significant amount of development time to ensure our entire software ecosystem is compliant. Whether it’s GDPR regulations, age verification laws or even calorie and nutritional labelling requirements, TouchPoint always has, and will always remain, fully compliant to help our software users streamline their businesses.


Ensuring efficiency of business operations is paramount, which is why we’ve ensured that your TouchPoint software is fully integrated with some key partners. From Deliveroo and Just Eat to Xero, Quickbooks and Sage, every integration is in place to make our TouchPoint users’ lives easier, letting the till and our integration partners do the hard work.

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Reliability and scalability

Things don’t always go to plan in business, but with TouchPoint’s failsafe features, it’s got you covered. Even in unforeseen circumstances like your WiFi failing, you’ll still be able to make sales, float clerks, pay off tables, split bills, print orders to the kitchen, scan tickets and so much more; essentially, all the functionality you need will remain.

Data is stored locally and backed-up when connections are restored. If the worst happens and power fails, your data is still safe; even the last transaction is stored securely.


TouchPoint is the only electronic point of sale system that is supported fully by scripts. This allows for much more customisation and bespoke elements to be created, meaning the system really can work for you and your business. Rather than being a one size fits all solution, TouchPoint can be moulded to work the way you and your team needs it to.

Find out more about ICRTouch’s flagship software, TouchPoint, and how it can help the efficiency and productivity of your business.


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