ICRTouch offers scalability for fish and chip shop

Redcloak Fish Bar, a renowned fish & chip takeaway located in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire was facing a significant challenge in managing their operations efficiently due to their unconnected EPoS and ecommerce platforms.

Recognising the need for a streamlined and integrated solution, they worked closely with our Authorised Gold Partner, ICR Scotland, to upgrade their EPoS and transition to an all-in-one ICRTouch system.
Digital TouchMenu signage inside at Redcloack Fish Bar

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ICR Scotland are an established provider of ICRTouch and tailored EPoS solutions for restaurants, pubs, hoteliers, fast-food outlets and retailers.

The brief - enhanced operational efficiency

With the old system unconnected, Redcloak Fish Bar staff were having to navigate between multiple different platforms. This not only reduced productivity, but it also meant a significant amount of time was required for staff training.

The team needed a new EPoS setup that would help them streamline their workflow, with improved reporting and access to useful data on sales, products and customer trends. They wanted to be able to use this data to help devise targeted marketing strategies.

There was also a general requirement to ensure that the new system provided the best possible customer experience via all channels, whether customers were placing orders online, via an app, or in-store.

The solution - seamlessly integrated solutions

To ensure the requirements were met, the ICR Scotland team worked hard to tailor the ICRTouch system specifically to Redcloak Fish Bar. By replacing the previous multiple EPoS and ecommerce platforms, they were able to implement a unified ICRTouch system.

The installation included:
  • TouchPoint
  • TouchOffice Web
  • TouchTakeaway
  • As well as providing efficient new software solutions, ICR Scotland seamlessly installed ICRTouch to integrate with Redcloak Fish Bar’s existing infrastructure. Thanks to the flexibility of ICRTouch solutions, this included the Fish Bar’s existing hardware and peripherals.

    The compatibility eliminated any need for significant hardware upgrades or replacements, reducing both cost and downtime during the transition process. Moreover, the system effortlessly integrated with their payment processors, facilitating a smooth and secure payment experience for both the restaurant and its customers.

    The result - remarkable improvements to efficiency

    ICRTouch’s integration of various functionalities into one TouchOffice Web system, such as order management, inventory control, and reporting, allowed the restaurant to streamline their workflows and eliminate redundant tasks.

    The upgraded EPoS system and implementation of TouchOffice Web provided Redcloak Fish Bar with comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities. The restaurant management gained access to real-time data on sales, stock levels, and customer preferences, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and optimise their business operations. By leveraging these insights, Redcloak Fish Bar could identify top-selling items, monitor inventory levels, and devise targeted marketing to drive revenue growth.

    The ICRTouch system allowed for efficient order processing, reducing waiting times and enhancing customer satisfaction. TouchPoint’s user-friendly interface and intuitive touchscreen design also simplified the ordering process, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience for customers. The ICRTouch-based system not only met Redcloak Fish Bar’s current requirements but also offered scalability for future growth.

    The platform’s modular design allows the business to add or remove features as needed, accommodating evolving business needs. As Redcloak Fish Bar expands, they can easily scale their operations and integrate additional functionalities seamlessly, ensuring long-term sustainability and adaptability to changing market trends.

    Redcloak Fish Bar serves as a testament to the benefits and positive outcomes that can be achieved by replacing disparate EPoS and ecommerce platforms with an integrated ICRTouch-based system.

    “Redcloak Fish Bar's decision to upgrade their Epos system with a single ICRTouch-based solution proved to be a game-changer for their business. The streamlined operations, seamless integration, comprehensive reporting, improved customer experience, and scalability offered by the upgraded system empowered the restaurant to achieve new levels of efficiency and profitability.”

    - Iain Montgomery, ICR Scotland

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