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Why digital order taking is essential for improving efficiency this summer

With the summer season around the corner, managing large outdoor seating areas and beer gardens can be a challenging task without the right tools, which is why a digital order taking solution can make all the difference.

Delicious food, cold refreshments and a great atmosphere on a warm summer day is nothing short of enticing for millions of customers, and the increase in footfall is exactly why it’s important to ensure your operations are working as efficiently as possible.

PocketTouch is the intuitive digital order taking solution that will completely transform the operations of your hospitality business during the peak season. Here, we delve into the benefits that PocketTouch boasts and how it will help you tackle the summer rush this year.

PocketTouch digital order taking

Reduce mistakes

Messy, confusing, handwritten orders are a thing of the past. PocketTouch sends clear and concise orders straight to your TouchKitchen order management system or kitchen printers, streamlining communication between front of house and kitchen teams and resulting in far fewer mistakes. Never again will the chef need to come out to ask a server to decipher their handwritten orders. The streamlined communication process reduces mistakes and helps you turnover tables quicker than ever during busy service, making the management of large outdoor pub gardens infinitely more profitable.

Empower your employees

Raise the bar on customer experience. PocketTouch helps you empower your employees by providing them with all the information they need, right in the palm of their hand. From nutritional information, calorie counts and detailed allergen alerts, to promotional, stock and menu information, PocketTouch can easily hold all the information that your serving staff need. Customers will no longer hear “Let me check that with the chef” or oversell out of stock items, particularly useful when operating outside in large beer gardens. This quick and easy access completely streamlines the order taking process by reducing back and forth trips to the till, freeing up staff to focus on providing excellent customer service.  

Upselling and cross selling opportunities

Whether it’s an add on extra, 2 for 1 cocktails, a set meal or any other bespoke deal, PocketTouch allows staff to access all promotional information from the palm of their hands, meaning they can take advantage of every upselling and cross selling opportunity. By enticing customers with add-ons and bespoke deals, your venue can boost revenue and customer satisfaction, ensuring that your business capitalises on the summer seasons as much as possible. 

Orders and payments on one device

PocketTouch seamlessly integrates with third party payment terminals, allowing staff to take orders and payments at the same time from just one device. This integration significantly speeds up service and means your staff cut down hugely on the number of trips back and forth to the till. It also means they can operate with just a single device, rather than having to share a card terminal. This effortless integration will increase customer satisfaction by providing more efficient experience, and also help to keep your staff happy too.

Increase revenue and reduce waste

PocketTouch completely eliminates the need for pen and paper order taking, reducing your business’s overall paper usage and wastage. Additionally, the solution reduces mistakes during the order taking process, ensuring that no resources are wasted in the food and drink preparation process. Therefore PocketTouch can increase customer satisfaction by reducing mistakes whilst also making your business operate more sustainably, resulting in increased revenue overall. 

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Save time and money this summer, by facilitating the management of your beer gardens with at-table ordering. ByTable, the intuitive self-ordering solution, not only diversifies your revenue streams but also streamlines service during peak summer periods, by empowering customers to place their own orders.
If you’re a pub owner, you’re probably already wondering how to maximise revenue in the upcoming summer season. As the weather starts to improve, pubs and bars will experience an increase in footfall, processing more transactions, fulfilling more orders and receiving more reservations.