The order management system that’s streamlining kitchen operations

It’s the scenario every restaurant fears – a customer who’s missing their meal. Front of house insists the order went through, but the kitchen never saw it. Perhaps the ticket didn’t print; maybe it was thrown away. Inevitably, there’s a scramble to get the food out as quickly as possible, all while the customer is growing more frustrated and disappointed.
TouchKitchen order management software from ICRTouch

Thanks to the newly evolved intelligent order management solution, TouchKitchen, restaurant owners will never face that scenario again.

Having a digital order management system or kitchen display system in place is no longer just a solution for the quick service restaurant (QSR) sector, it is a necessity for all food-led hospitality businesses to ensure they’re meeting the demands of their customers by delivering smooth, speedy service.

TouchKitchen is an intuitive, fully digital kitchen management system that gives chefs the control to view, peg, sort and condense orders while setting preparation timers to ensure every meal leaves the kitchen on time. As browser based software, its flexibility is unmatched, giving hospitality businesses a reliable, efficient solution that can scale with them.

TouchKitchen order management software from ICRTouchImprove efficiency with multi-screen capability

In large kitchens where numerous preparation areas are in use, TouchKitchen will utilise multiple screens, showing only the required orders at each station. Need pizza orders to display on a separate screen to grill orders? But still want your pass chef to have an overview of everything? No problem – able to be configured to an unlimited number of screens, TouchKitchen’s order condensing technology is scalable to suit every hospitality operation.

Find the solution that works for you with optional quick access controls

Chefs can easily control TouchKitchen with a quick-action bump bar. In sticky, hot kitchen environments, an easily accessible bump bar can vastly improve efficiency and productivity. Allowing chefs to control their devices much easier it often provides a more hygienic solution. A bump bar can be configured to your specification and is a great option for when large, wall mounted tablet or TV TouchKitchen displays are in use and may be out of reach.

National Business Bob & Berts improved management of kitchen orders

Cafe chain Bob & Berts has sites across Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. And from the beginning, our Authorised Partners have been there, going above and beyond to provide the business with EPoS solutions. ICRTouch software has been integral to the group as it’s grown and now has EPoS installed at nearly 30 venues across all three countries.

“I have confidence in ICRTouch software that allows us to track sales, stock, voids, footfall and much more across our estate spanning Northern Ireland, Scotland and England,” says Colin McClean, founder of Bob & Berts. “We have implemented TouchKitchen for the chefs to have an easier time in the kitchen managing orders.”

The implementation of TouchKitchen management means mistakes are significantly reduced and chefs have the ability to peg orders, set preparation timers, rearrange and recall orders, improving efficiency and ensuring accuracy. And thanks to the single TouchOffice Web account, real-time insights can be gained at every level – whether that’s across the UK at head office, regionally, or down to individual locations.

To find out more about streamlining your kitchen operations, contact your Authorised ICRTouch Partner today.


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