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Powerful EPoS facilitates multiple venue management

Sheldon Inns Ltd are a Birmingham based pub management company with over 20 venues across the Midlands and Southwest. Sheldon Inns manage short and long term leases, meaning they have an ever changing portfolio of pubs under their management.

The well-established pub management company reached out to our local Authorised Partner, Langley Compass Group, for solutions that would drive growth, increase operational efficiency and facilitate sales data analysis at the same time.

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Langley Compass Group provides industry-leading, cutting-edge technology to transform hospitality and retail businesses. Our cloud-based technology solutions will take your business to the next level.

The brief - The importance of automation

Sheldon Inns Ltd were facing the challenges of overseeing the operations of multiple venues scattered around the country. They were seeking to step away from their manual processes by introducing a range of automated EPoS solutions in order to facilitate the management of all venues.

In order to oversee their operations, they wanted to gain access to real time sales insights across all of their sites. The solutions had to be flexible and compatible with a range of hardware and software in order to streamline operational efficiency. The solutions had to be robust, reliable and flexible in order to meet the needs of the business.

To gain an understanding of how ICRTouch solutions are able to transform hospitality operations, Langley Compass Group have set up the systems in one of the venues, to demonstrate key features of the desired solutions.

The solution - Seamlessly integrating bespoke solutions

Langley Compass Group’s demonstration of ICRTouch softwares has effectively highlighted the most prevalent features and advantages of the systems, compelling the business to implement the solutions. The following systems were installed:

  • TouchPoint tills at all venues

  • TouchOffice Web+ back office management system

  • TouchStock stock control software

  • The installation of TouchPoint tills in combination with TouchOffice Web+ means that sales are now recorded in real-time, allowing the management to quickly view and analyse sales information across all venues. Gaining an understanding of sales creates an opportunity to make data driven decisions. Thanks to TouchOffice Web+ it becomes infinitely easier to identify the highest performing staff, best selling items, most profitable locations and more. The implementation of TouchStock alongside with the TouchPoint and TouchOffice Web+ now allows management to keep accurate records of their stock and schedule deliveries for low stock items to greatly reduce business waste.

    The result - Improved operational efficiency and streamlined multi venue management

    Sheldon Inn Ltd’s operations have been completely transformed by ICRTouch solutions. The pub management company now has one seamlessly integrating EPoS system in place, facilitating the management of multiple venues.

    Thanks to the user-friendly interface and robust system of TouchPoint, efficiency across all venues has been increased whilst also minimising mistakes. The introduction of TouchOffice Web+ has provided the company with a bird’s eye view of their operations across all pubs thanks to streamlined sales analysis and forecasting, creating an opportunity for making informed decisions in the future. TouchStock has also had a significant impact on the business by reducing waste, avoiding over ordering, making the business far more efficient, profitable and more sustainable.

    "Our team at our Head Office will now be using one centralised Head Office Solution, TouchOffice Web to manage all reporting & the management of our product database, which with over 20 venues across our estate is a great win!"

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