Harborne Pub benefit from ICRTouch investment

The Plough in Harborne is a popular pub that serves food and drink throughout the day and night. The pub has a very good reputation for their customer service and are extremely proud to base all of their day-to-day operations around their customers and the experience in their establishment.

Adam Johnson, a spokesperson for the pub, explains how important it is to the pub to provide a simple and fast service, particularly when it comes to customers placing orders. “I want them to place their order as quickly and efficiently as possible and for it to go to the relevant department for things to be made.” ICRTouch’s EPoS systems have a series of different features, including Front of House software, which allows the fast and simple inputting of orders that can be sent straight to the kitchen or bar – perfect for hospitality sectors.

The Plough Harborne pub branded till screen

Langley Business Systems

Langley Business Systems can help retail, hospitality, sports, education, transport and charity businesses buy ICRTouch software.

The Plough is finding the ICRTouch system incredibly easy to use. “It’s a very simple system, it works really well.” says Mr Johnson, “You can sign on to the till, place an order, and cash it off. So, literally three hits of a button can get you a pint of lager, for example, or five hits of a button gets an order for a burger into the kitchen, or a pizza into a different kitchen.”

The easy-to-use TouchPoint till software requires little training for those who will be working with it, and its accuracy means that there is less risk of mistakes and stock wastage when it comes to fulfilling orders. The handheld PocketTouch approach for taking orders is much faster than the traditional notepad and pen approach. ICRTouch’s hospitality systems are well worth investing in for your establishment, and alongside a fast order system, the management and stock control features can help to reduce labour costs and give you more time to focus on your team.


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