Beaulieu Convent School In Jersey Go Cashless

Café Beau is a Beaulieu run café for students and staff, providing a healthy, balanced and nutritious breakfast, break and lunch for those who require it, in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Beaulieu Convent School strive to ensure that every student enjoys a positive, nurturing experience at the school. By going cashless they eliminate any stigma held between free and paid meal pupils.

Pupils can sign on safely using cards, name, and number and if they forget their card photo ID can be used to verify their identity.

Balances are stored centrally, not on the card, so money cannot be lost.

There can also be warnings and restrictions per account for certain products e.g. allergies.

Beaulieu Convent building
Beaulieu Convent cafe

Café Beau TouchTopUp Smart Cards

TouchTopUp cards simplify the buying process in Café Beau. They speed up counter service at the TouchPoint tills, reduce the need for students to bring cash to school and also allows parents to view their child’s card’s daily purchases each time they log onto their personal account.

The cards can be ‘topped up’ using the secure online payment system at

Lost cards can be either frozen until found, or cancelled and the balance transferred to a new card.

Installed by CheckOut EPoS Solutions (Jersey)

“We installed 2 X 15” TouchPoint tills with integrated Customer displays, 2 X receipt printers, 2 X RFID readers for the proximity cards. Beaulieu have TouchOffice Web and TouchTopUp and we have installed the wall mounted payment station for the students to do cash top ups. This payment station is the first in Jersey. Café Beau upgraded from a cash register based system which was approaching end of life. Moving to EPOS is sometimes seen as a big leap but Beaulieu quickly recognised the operational benefits, while the user friendly nature of the system benefits students and parents alike.” – Jonathan, CheckOut (ICRTouch Authorised Partner)

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