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The modern hospitality business with help from the ICRTouch ecosystem

COVID-19 has brought a lot of challenges to the hospitality industry, with ever-changing rules and restrictions, it has meant that many businesses have had to adapt the way they operate and do it quickly. Digital solutions are at the forefront of these rapid changes.

EPoS ecosystem of integrated software solutions from ICRTouch

COVID-19 has brought a lot of challenges to the hospitality industry, with ever-changing rules and restrictions, it has meant that many businesses have had to adapt the way they operate and do it quickly. Digital solutions are at the forefront of these rapid changes.

The numerous gruelling lockdowns that the UK has been faced with has accelerated the need for online technology. With online ordering apps like ByTable and TouchTakeaway providing the perfect solutions for pubs and restaurants to continue trading.

Let’s take a closer look at the essential tech ecosystem that’s vital for restaurants in this new ‘normal’ world.

View our Ecosystem below.

ICRTouchTechEcoSystem 1

The EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) system is the beating heart of the tech ecosystem. TouchPoint not only allows staff to take orders and make payments, It also talks to all the other integrated software solutions that are connected to it, bringing you a seamless tech experience.


HappyWaitress web 1

The Digital Waiter Pad

The digital waiter pad, PocketTouch, has proven an essential asset to the tech ecosystem. By switching out the pen and paper method to a digital system has meant businesses can serve tables efficiently and safely.

The ‘rule of six’ and social distancing has meant that a lot of establishments have had to reduce the number of tables in order to adhere to these rules. Faster turnaround on serving tables has become essential to be able to make up the loss on profit. PocketTouch enables staff to take orders, print the bill and pay, quickly and efficiently.

Since the government guidelines dictate that customers must be seated at all times, PocketTouch has made it possible to serve customers directly at the table without them having to order at the bar, orders go straight to the kitchen.


TabletTableService web 2021 08 02 105229


Self-Ordering From A Personal Device

There is an innate desire to have what we want when we want it, which is usually without any delay. Being able to order food or drink to the table from your own device and not wait for the staff to serve you, is instantly gratifying. ByTable enables customers to do exactly this. Customers are able to stay seated at the table, browse through the menu, order and pay all in one transaction, without having to touch anything. Just by scanning a QR code or downloading the restaurant’s app customers are able to instantly start ordering, minimising contact with staff and customers, keeping everyone safe.


ByTable Web 2021 08 02 091223


Online Reservations On-The-Go

Online reservations are becoming increasingly popular with customers and businesses alike. Customers want to be able to view booking slots and make reservations without having to call up or wait for a response, and businesses want to ensure all their tables are booked up. TouchReservation allows customers to book reservations from anywhere, at any time. Staff are no longer tied to the phones or spending time fulfilling admin work, TouchReservation does it all for you.


Takeaway Ordering For Quick Service Restaurants

Takeaways became the highlight of the week during multiple lockdown circumstances. Ordering from your local takeaway was never easier. TouchTakeaway, an online ordering service provided many restaurants the chance to generate extra revenue whilst eating-in was closed. Whether it was for delivery, or to make it easy for customers to click and collect pre-ordering meals, TouchTakeaway enabled this.

Not only does TouchTakeaway provide a quick takeaway service for any restaurant, it also allows customers to browse through the businesses full product range at their leisure, rather than being rushed into a decision whilst standing in a queue or waiting on the phone. This extra time encourages customers to spend more online than they would do in-store.




Digital Signage

Socially distanced queuing has been one of the big implementations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It is imperative that businesses keep the queues flowing to ensure that customers are not waiting for long periods of time. Digital signage like CollectionPoint and TouchMenu allows customers to collect their orders from a safe, socially distanced area. CollectionPoint lets customers know when their order is ready to collect and keep them away from busy spaces. TouchMenu provides a contact and print free way of displaying the menu. Hand in hand this software provides a smart-looking setup.

touchmenu 3 2021 04 26 092538


Summer has finally arrived which means it’s time to officially put your EPoS to the test. With the increased footfall in your pub gardens, you’re already thinking about how to get the most out of your solutions, and we’re here to show you how a flexible all-in-one system puts you in a position to react quickly and meet customer needs. ICRTouch solutions have been designed and developed with the hospitality industry in mind, offering a bunch of neat tricks to help you keep things streamlined and efficient. As industry-leading experts, here are some of the game changing tips and tricks we recommend implementing across your ICRTouch ecosystem.
In an effort to bolster educational resources and empower the young people of the Isle of Wight, we have recently been working on a collaborative initiative with our local authority's Library Services team. Over the past few months, we've worked hand in hand to deliver a substantial influx of reading materials to libraries across the Island.
Dive into the peak season with industry-leading EPoS solutions that not only maximise efficiency, but also foster more sustainable operations. The increased traffic you’ll experience during the summer will require more comprehensive resource management, so it’s important to have an all-in-one system you can rely on.  With a seamlessly integrating ecosystem of solutions from ICRTouch, you can rely on intelligent automation to ask the right questions at the right time, ensuring your operations are as efficient as possible, reducing mistakes and as a result, minimising waste. Read more to find out how ICRTouch solutions will keep your pub running as efficiently and sustainably as possible throughout the busy summer season.