Customer media display – getting the most from your rear till screen

A customer media display looks professional and is a subtle way to communicate with your customers.

But are you getting the most from this effective marketing tool?

Getting the most out of your customer media display

Add Images & Slideshows

Adding images to your rear till screen is a great way to advertise your business, products, and services. Create simple slideshows that display to customers at the point of sale.

Online Image Management

Ideal for multi-till businesses. Change displayed images on all your TouchPoint tills remotely via the internet.

Many online content hosts enable users to add text over images. You can create simple, yet effective adverts with minimal effort.

Add A Video

Videos can make your customer display come to life and grab the attention of the customer.

These can stream from Youtube or play local files from your till.


The customer display can be styled to your needs.

Combine multiple elements such as a slideshow and a video, or move windows to a different position. Match your brand by changing the colour scheme and font.

Display Allergen Warnings

Keep your customers safe and informed of allergen information with customer display alerts. Two million people in the UK have a food allergy, so clear allergen communication can be good for your business.

Add A Screensaver

When the till is not in operation, full-screen screensaver images can be set to display in a round-robin slideshow, maximising the screen sales space.

When the clerk signs onto the till the sale window will reappear on the display.

Upselling Adverts

Adverts can be assigned to your products to prompt impulse buys and upsell.

Examples might include:

‘Do you want fries with that?’

‘Add a cake with a coffee for 80p?’

‘Go large for 50p’

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