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TouchPoint, the only EPoS system in the world with ETAL

Is your business unique? Or perhaps you have your own, improved way of performing day to day activities. ETAL delivers the power and flexibility to mould the TouchPoint till operations around your business.
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What is ETAL?

Simply, ETAL is a way of programming your own features and functions into the till. Your ICRTouch Partner can write their own code and add this to the till. The ETAL engine allows enhancements in a quick and safe way, so that newly coded features won’t impact the stability of the system.

How can ETAL help you?

If you don’t like the way something works… change it!

Speed up service by combining commonly used button pushes as part of your sales routine. You can avoid staff mistakes by forcing button presses when they finish the sale.

For example, you can have the Subtotal key pressed automatically when performing a discount on the wholesale when you cash the sale off.

Custom upsell options. Prompt staff to offer large quantities or additional items when specific products are entered.

Automatically prompt to sell a shopping bag at end of sale if no shopping bag has been purchased.

Custom Mix and Match promotions are possible for offers that are either very complex or can involve a large range of different types of product. Examples include buy 2 items and get a 3rd from the clearance items bucket, or buy an afternoon tea and get two glasses of wine for half price.

Extend existing features to create your own custom promotion. Discount keys can be set so that they only work at certain times of the day, reducing staff errors. For example, you can create a custom lunch time early-bird discount that can only be used prior to 13:00, after which point the discount keys can’t be used anymore.

Many 3rd party or online applications can be connected to the till via a custom ETAL script. Voucher codes managed by a 3rd party online service, when a voucher is scanned, the TouchPoint till will connect to the web service and check the current status of the voucher and provide a discount or reply that the code has been used/expired. ETAL can also be used to interface to ticket systems, where tickets or membership can be purchased online; when the ticket or membership card is scanned at the TouchPoint till ETAL connects to the 3rd party service to check the status and even display picture ID to confirm the customer. Great for unmanned entrance kiosks and turnstiles.

Turn off payment keys on specific tills. If you have two tills using the same screen layout but you only have one EFT device, you can disable the credit card button on one of the tills using ETAL so that it cannot be pressed by mistake.

ETAL can also be used to create bespoke interactions with customers at the end of or after a sale. End of sale surveys can be triggered that can be used to gain customer feedback and logged online for analysis by management or head office. You can also create QR vouchers to print on the receipt prompting the customer to go online to your website to provide feedback, or the QR code could be used as a discount voucher to provide an incentive to return within a few days.

Highly versatile, the ETAL engine allows you to have your TouchPoint EPoS system the way you want it!


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