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Keep up to speed with increased bank holiday trading

With increased footfall expected over the August bank holiday weekend and summertime in full swing, is your EPoS solution prepared to handle the high traffic?

From ensuring your teams aren’t wasting time on tasks that could easily be automated, to giving your customers the best possible experience, the ICRTouch ecosystem of products is designed to meet the needs of you and your customers.

A group of friends enjoying drinks in an outside seating hospitality area

Table with reserved sign onMake the most of the bank holiday and get booked up

Occasions and special days are no-brainer opportunities to get your hospitality business booked out! But, using a traditional pen and paper system can be frustrating and time consuming. That’s where our TouchReservation solution comes into its own! The intelligent software integrates seamlessly with the rest of your EPoS system and saves you both time and money.

Reduce no-shows and let your customers book a table from any device, anywhere, at any time. TouchReservation will automate the process of allocating tables and sending confirmations, giving you and your teams time back to focus on other tasks.

Find out more about how TouchReservation could improve your efficiency.


Phone showing ByTable order-to-table software within a restaurant settingTake the heat off the kitchen with ChefGuard in ByTable

Don’t let your kitchen teams get overwhelmed with the bank holiday rush. ChefGuard is built into ByTable, our order-to-table software solution that lets customers place their own orders from their own devices, to intelligently regulate the delivery of orders to the kitchen.

With bespoke settings for preparation time and delay threshold, you can configure ChefGuard to work perfectly for you and your team. Control how many orders are fed to the kitchen every minute and specify which kitchen printers or display screens you want to function with ChefGuard, and which you don’t. That means you can still print drink orders instantly at the bar while ChefGuard delays the print of food orders to the kitchen.

Find out more about how ByTable could save your business time and money.


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s the perfect opportunity for hospitality businesses to make the most of increased footfall. Research shows that sales can increase as much as 65% on Valentine's Day for businesses that plan ahead.