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Unexpected software benefits for restaurant start-up, The Duck

Charlie has been a chef on the Island since the 1980s and the couple have both worked at other restaurants, so they had experience in the industry. But all along their ambition was to start their own business. ‘We found this building, an ideal spot, an amazing location with a great outlook. We wanted to have brilliant food, the best we could make it, somewhere that was relaxed and informal, with good food and service.’
Restaurant EPoS solutions from ICRTouch
Restaurant EPoS solutions from ICRTouch
The couple required a system that was very intuitive and customised to their requirements. ‘We wanted our restaurant to be unique and needed something we could easily use, and that could grow with us as we were taught how to add features. The beauty of the whole ICRTouch system is it allows us to do little bits at a time. We can use the system as we want to and it means we don’t have to take the whole system in one hit.’ It was important that the EPoS terminals installed at the Duck were easy to use, because Helen was new to some of the technology and wanted to easily train her staff. ‘The tills themselves are great. We give the staff one very quick lesson and that’s it. Everything is so intuitive, they know where everything is. The software reminds us of little things. We didn’t know you couldn’t have a receipt until you had paid the bill. Many customers ask for that. That’s so useful, because without that we might do something we shouldn’t.’
After the ICRTouch system was installed and used for some time, Helen and Charlie began to find unexpected benefits of the software, which are now invaluable to them in running their business. ‘We like the inbuilt loyalty features. Once we see customers that visit us once or twice, we give them a loyalty card, which makes them feel special and they come back more. Gift cards have been a real success for us too. We can just swipe them on the till and load them up with credit.’ ‘We only have one till downstairs that is often busy taking payments, so our staff use PocketTouch to take orders that get sent to the kitchen. Our customers can be served rapidly, there’s no frustration because they get a quick, efficient service.’ ‘One of our customer’s needed an old bill reprinted for accounting purposes. We were able to find that easily with the inbuilt reporting. We don’t know what other way we would have been able to do that to be honest. It saved the customer and their accountants hours of work’
Informed Business Decisions   The Duck uses ICRTouch software for the simple things, like calculating what change to give to the customer, to features that help them run their business more efficiently like running reports to help them to know what stock lines to keep. ‘Using TouchOffice Web we can pull off a report of the top selling 100 items to see what has sold well to discover what’s a good seller – we’re often surprised! We can then lose an item from our next menu, or change it. We freshen-up our menus every two to three months and use the reporting as a basis to start designing a new menu.’ ‘We use the time and attendance reports all the time. We started off paying our staff weekly because it was the only way I would have been able to keep up with it on paper, but now, with the ICRTouch system we can do it monthly — that’s absolutely brilliant. With the time adjustment feature we can adjust times if staff forget to clock in and out, so it’s accurate, great for me and my staff. It saves me a massive amount of time and my accountant really likes it. Also, the staff really benefit from the till clocking-in too because it’s really accurate. They get paid for when they are here working, which is really fair. We had an employee saying they’d not been paid enough. We were able to run off a report of their time sheet, so we had all the data to prove we were correct.’ ‘The ability to add note lists on TouchPoint and PocketTouch is really useful for recording allergies, like gluten and dairy free, and printing it for the kitchen. We fulfil regulatory requirements and keep our customers safe.’

"We have now created an ice cream parlour in the upstairs restaurant with a new TouchPoint till, and integrated into the downstairs system so we can cash-up both tills in one. We needed the separation of working out if the ice cream part of the business was successful compared to the restaurant. Staff now use PocketTouch more when the till in the bar is busy upstairs. In In the future we plan to install a screen upstairs to display digital menus with TouchMenu and get TouchKitchen, so that orders can be updated in the kitchen instead of simply printed.’ With the time adjustment feature we can adjust times if staff forget to clock in and out, so it’s accurate, great for me and my staff. It saves me a massive amount of time and my accountant really likes it." - Helen Barlett, Manager at The Duck

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