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SUEZ UK implements bespoke EPoS ecosystem

SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK was established in 1988 as part of the global SUEZ Group to manage waste and water for local authority and business customers. Our Authorised Gold Partner, EPOS Systems, has completed an install at four of the Greater Manchester sites.

Employing more than 5,000 people, with more than 600 people employed in Greater Manchester alone, SUEZ manages the waste sites on behalf of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), handling 1.1 million tonnes of waste arising from nearly 2.3million residents.

The inside of a SUEZ recycling shop

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SUEZ UK Recycling utilises ICRTouch TouchPoint

The brief - EPoS to support business growth

SUEZ recently launched its most comprehensive and ambitious reuse strategy at the Renew Hub in Greater Manchester. This is an industrial scale model of reuse where household products which otherwise would have gone to waste are up-cycled and sold on to consumers via 3 local reuse shops and online retailer eBay.

Facilities at the Hub lengthen the lifecycle of products, helping to reduce waste, with all proceeds distributed to charities and community groups across Greater Manchester. EPOS Systems was tasked with providing a multi-till setup for SUEZ covering all four sites (three reuse shops and the Renew Hub) that could cover barcode assignment, label printing, weight reporting, efficiency staff discounting and above all, accurate reporting.

The solution - a bespoke solution

Each site has a terminal installed with TouchPoint, along with receipt and barcode printers and a barcode scanner. This setup includes a TouchOffice Web account, which allows the SUEZ team remote access to manage their operation centrally.

Reusable household products are delivered to the Renew Hub, categorised as reused goods (sold as is) or up-cycled goods (repaired then sold) and given a price depending on the quality. Each product is then assigned a barcode using a label printing script that has been modified to create price-embedded barcodes.

Every product is an open-price product within the system and assigned a price using TouchPoint which prints onto the barcoded label. When the barcode is scanned the product is sold at the price that was assigned to the product at the Hub upon inspection. Due to the nature of the industry, it is crucial that SUEZ has accurate reporting on the weight of each product going through the system.

To achieve this, EPOS Systems has used TouchPoint’s in-built functionality to give each item its average weight value. This was taken from a uniform file containing average weights that SUEZ provided. A number of bespoke reports have also been created within TouchOffice Web that enable the required information to be generated in one place. These reports detail how many of each product have been sold, at what price, and most importantly, the total weight of each product. SUEZ also utilises the customer database feature within TouchOffice Web to offer a staff discount.

The result - an efficient system that meets business needs

EPOS Systems have worked with many clients outside of the retail and hospitality sectors. However, with a unique set of requirements, SUEZ provided an opportunity to really challenge the capabilities of TouchPoint and TouchOffice Web.

Through the dedication of the EPOS Systems team and the support of ICRTouch, SUEZ was provided with a customised solution that allows the management of the business and growth.

“The EPoS system created for us is easy to use and has enabled us to make serious progress towards our goals. The Renew Hub is an industry first in terms of the scale of operations and the system allows us to not only track sales, but also tonnages which is vitally important in our industry.”

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