Online ordering keeps Airport Garden trading

ICRTouch customer Island Airport Sandown on the Isle of Wight have reopened to the UK public this week amid the current Covid-19 pandemic, utilising a TouchTakeaway online ordering system and their garden cafe.

With the easing of restrictions and relaxing of rules, customers will now be able to pre-order online and have their meal served to them in the garden upon their arrival.

Sandown Airport operates using ICRTouch EPoS solutions

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Sandown Airport operates using ICRTouch EPoS solutions

The addition of wireless contactless payments and safe-guarding the outside cafe area, they are also able to begin serving customers at the cafe as well, with minimal interaction.

All sales are recorded by the TouchPoint till, so their transactions can be consolidated into a single report at the end of day.

With various health and safety measures put in place, Island Airport Sandown are trading once again.

“Thanks to ICRTouch systems we are able to start serving food. The benefits of being able to order online are huge because there doesn’t have to be any interaction with the customer, which keeps them safe and keeps us safe. As we come out of this [pandemic] safety is going to be key, so look at the system, contact ICRTouch and see how you can use technology to keep people safe.”

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