Holden’s Brewery

Holden’s Brewery is supported by our Gold Partner, Langley Business Systems. The brewery, which is over a hundred years old, has its own set of pubs alongside trading services that sell to wholesalers and national chains. They wanted a till system that provided them with all the information they needed in order to understand what they were selling the most, when they were selling best, and their busiest and slowest periods.

Phil Britton, from Holden’s Brewery, talks about the importance of this information: “It’s vital for us to have the data coming in on a regular basis so that we can see how much stock we need to produce, how much stock we need to hold, and also to see the levels of sales and procurement.”

Holden's Brewery beer bottle

Langley Business Systems

Langley Business Systems can help retail, hospitality, sports, education, transport and charity businesses buy ICRTouch software.

How Did The ICRTouch System Help?

Installing ICRTouch software into Holden’s Brewery sites was an investment that they have not looked back on. The technology has enabled management and staff to become much more specific with their accounting strategies, making their jobs faster and easier to complete, which has lead to more accurate results.

“It just works so well,” says Mr Britton, “because we can tie in with our accounting system. And, it becomes a lot tighter. We’ve worked with Langley’s for many a year. We’ve always found their service and working with them to be a pleasurable experience. Would I recommend them? Definitely, because it gives you control of your business.”


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