Pub Grub invests in a greener future

Pub Grub – the Cornwall-based takeaway and doorstep delivery service – has purchased three 100% electric vehicles. New charging stations have also been installed at the group of pubs that offer the service – the Victoria Inn in Roche, the Victoria Inn in Threemilestone and Perranworthal’s Norway Inn.

Renault Zoe Victoria Inn

Pub Grub has been delivering hearty hot meals – and a selection of beers and wines – to people’s homes, since the start of lockdown. To help meet ongoing demand for the service, Pub Grub has invested in a greener future and purchased three Renault ZOEs – recently named the Best Small Electric Car 2020.

0920 0630 PR4Photos Victoria Inn Renault Zoe

Mark Holden, Pub Grub founder said: “We’re delighted to introduce our three new recruits – our Renault ZOEs. Not only will these new vehicles help us to become more environmentally friendly, they are also a future-looking investment in our takeaway and delivery service. It’s important that we’re able to continue adapting to changing covid-19 regulations and helping those in our community who may be shielding or isolating.

“We have also invested in new EV charging stations – for all three of our pubs – which we hope will be helpful for our guests and local communities, when they visit us.”

Jeff Burns, Sales Executive, Dales Renault & Dacia said: “We were delighted to be approached by Pub Grub for help and advice on using electric vehicles for their new delivery service. To see them adapting their business in these changing times, and being able to provide a mobile food delivery service to those in need, is fantastic. Their idea to use vehicles that are so environmentally friendly and efficient to run is commendable

“The Renault ZOE is class-leading in both terms of costs and range. The car is capable of an all-electric range of up to 245 miles on a single charge. It also costs less than 3p per mile to run.

“It’s little surprise that electric vehicles are the only segment that is growing in the motor industry. Traditionally year-on-year sales have been doubling but this year has seen unprecedented growth across Europe. Forecasts are continuing to look strong as individuals and businesses look to the future and invest in more sustainable solutions, to help cut carbon emissions.”


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