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Easily manage outdoor areas with efficient EPoS to keep up with the pace of pubs and bars. Designed specifically to meet the needs of hard working environments, the all-in-one ICRTouch hospitality system will help you work smarter, not harder.
ICRTouch continue to set the bar for the EPoS industry with yet another record-breaking performance through Q1 of 2017. Installs throughout this first period have been 20% up on the previous year. What makes this yet more impressive is that year-on-year ICRTouch have been consistently setting new sales highs. Software revenue for Q1 2017 is also considerably higher than Q1 2016 by 24%.
We have collected an extensive list of some of the most commonly used terms and acronyms in the EPoS industry, including a definition that explains what the term describes. If there are any additional terms or definitions that you feel should be included, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
There are plenty of 'cheap' or 'free' EPoS solutions out there to choose from, however, the upfront cost should not be the most important criteria when choosing the solution that manages all the sales and inventory within your business. Instead, choose a solution that offers great value for money for the lifetime of the system.
Basic networking consists of two essential pieces of equipment: switches and routers. If you know how this hardware works, you'll have a fundamental understanding of basic networking as well. Knowing more about basic networking can help you make better decisions about the network design, services, and features your business needs to implement in order to thrive.
Why does ICRTouch make the perfect choice of epos till system for Prisons? There are a few key features in ICRTouch that make it the till system of choice.
Over the last few years, we have seen a huge technical shift in the way that consumer devices integrate with one another and the world around us. EPoS has always been a closed system usually only connecting to the components that form part of that system such as printers and scanners.
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