Apps and today’s EPoS

Over the last few years, we have seen a huge technical shift in the way that consumer devices integrate with one another and the world around us. EPoS has always been a closed system usually only connecting to the components that form part of that system such as printers and scanners.

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Times have changed and these days people expect to be able to do things with their mobile phone like order drinks and food themselves with the order being printed out in the kitchen and automatically added to their table bill, this can be combined with other apps that allow the customer to pay their balance using online services such as PayPal.

More recently we’ve seen the release of the exciting TikTap mobile iPhone and Android app that gives consumers the ability to choose vouchers on their mobile phone that they can then redeem at their favourite local shops, and the launch of ApplePay, which ICRTouch can offer through the Sage Pay EFT solution.

Smartphone usage isn’t just limited to apps though as most web services are now designed to work with the smaller form factor, both our TouchOffice Web which allows owners and managers to see their reports and totals from anywhere in the world and, of course, our low cost online table reservation system that allows customers to book their table at their favourite restaurant are all designed to work perfectly on most modern smartphones.

At ICRTouch we invest quite heavily into building SDKs and APIs that allow 3rd party developers to integrate their solutions into our products, this means that we can concentrate all our resources into doing what we’re best at; making powerful and reliable EPoS systems, whilst at the same time allowing the new ideas and innovations from a wealth of small development teams to form a part of our solutions.

Colin Ringer, ICRTouch CEO says “I remember the days when designing EPoS systems meant that you only had to worry about compatibility with your own products; things have moved on so fast and so much that for every feature that we add our developers spend twice that time again ensuring that it can also be used by all the new innovative 3rd party products!


Back in April 2023, ICRTouch made a generous contribution of £2,000 to Wightoak Youth Services. The organisation aims to provide valuable support to young people that come across the charity. Donations received are primarily directed towards facilitating activities that nurture potential future opportunities and create positive memories.