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GiftAid integration with ICRTouch EPoS solutions
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For thirty years, GiftAid has enabled charities to reclaim income tax on donations made by all donors who pay UK income tax. In practical terms, for donations made by UK income taxpayers, this adds another 25% onto the face value. Donations can be in the form of admission fees and/or donations of goods to charity shopsthe ICRTouch GiftAid module is ready for both avenues. In both cases, information about the donor must be recorded in order to check their tax status. Whilst over time this part of the process has been streamlined to make it easier for the donor, GiftAid still requires a significant amount of administration by the receiving business. Information still needs to be stored, processed and submitted to HMRC. If your client is doing this work manually, then it’s very time-consuming — eating into the value of that donation.

But whether it’s donated goods or admission fees that need to be processed, with the ICRTouch GiftAid module the burden of labour is lifted, and staff time is freed

At the point of admission, postcode lookups happen fast and without fuss using the Royal Mail PAF file, moving the donor quickly to purchase. With donated goods, donor detail entry is completed swiftly at the point of sale, including donor and item information for the product sale listing. It’s fast. It’s simple. And with the module generating the item barcodes, scanning is quick and easy at the point of sale. Monthly emails are automatically sent to donors reporting on the revenue generated from their items. Printed statements are also available for donors without email access.

Fully HMRC compliant, the module will automatically create a file ready to be pasted directly into the HMRC submission report. And it’s scalable from a single TouchPoint till to large multi-site venues with many TouchPoint EPoS terminals.

The commission fee for gift aid processing can be set at the level of your client’s choosing, covering the cost of administration.

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