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The Drink Exchange logo
It quite literally turns a venue into a stock market for an evening, but it’s drink prices that rise and fall based upon what is being bought. Prices are displayed on TV’s around the bar and automatically change on all ICRTouch terminals. It is a unique event-driven (usually weekly) system which is unparalleled in driving revenues and manipulating buying behaviour. 
A couple at a Drink Exchange event
A group of ladies enjoying a Drink Exchange event at a busy bar

It has been running across the globe since the mid-nineties, in a huge variety of bars, pubs and clubs. From Usain Bolt’s flagship bar in Jamaica to the Student Union Bar at Essex University…from the McGettigan’s Bar at The World Trade Centre in Dubai to Chaps Bar in Little Rock, Arkansas…The Drink Exchange really has traded in most corners of the world.

There are a number of ICRTouch clients already benefiting from The Drink Exchange, such as VooDoo Rooms in Cork (who have been running weekly for over 5 years).

“The setup was quick and easy, done remotely, and it integrates seamlessly with our ICRTouch system.”

An image of The Drink Exchange event taking place in a busy bar
A poster for The Drink Exchange
An image of The Drink Exchange event taking place

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