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Getting prepared to open your doors

We have put together some information and guidance to help you reopen your business safely. It is crucial to have various practices in place to show your customers and staff that you are doing everything you can to make your restaurant or bar as safe as possible. Obviously every business is different in layout/design but hopefully these tips will help you reopen in a safe and coinfident way.
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Reopening Guidance for you

Preparing to open your doors safely for your customers, staff and in accordance to the government guidelines, we have listed a few tips you might need to think about.

  1. Social distancing – Spread out furniture 2m apart and place tape on the floor.
  2. Implement ICRTouch ByTable ordering solution.
  3. Ensure you have protective equipment for staff.
  4. Set up plastic dividers by the till/bar to protect your staff and customers.
  5. Implement a daily routine of cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.
  6. Communicate the actions you are taking with signage encouraging social distancing rules.
  7. Reduce seating at the bar area.
  8. Go cashless.
  9. Trim down your menu.
  10. Offer digital display menus – ICRTouch TouchMenu.
  11. Monitor staff’s health by taking their temperature daily.
  12. Remove condiments from tables and instead have individually wrapped sauces and seasoning sachets handed out by staff.

Training your staff – cleaning surfaces & sanitising

  1. Train staff on cleaning and disinfecting procedures.
  2. Make sure you are fully stocked with cleaning products and supplies.
  3. Make hand sanitiser available for all staff and customers. Consider touchless sanitiser solutions.
  4. Disinfect high-touched surfaces frequently.
  5. Between seatings, clean tables, chairs and commonly touched areas.
  6. Check restrooms regularly and clean them based on the frequency of use.
  7. Offer hand wipes with every serving.
  8. Keep all garnishes covered and use tongs when putting lemons or ice into drinks.
  9. Provide disposable gloves for staff members.
  10. Cover food served to customers.

Stay Alert – Monitor staff health & hygiene

  1. If any member of staff is sick they should remain at home.
  2. Monitor staff’s health by taking their temperature daily.
  3. Never allow staff to touch food with bare hands.
  4. Make sure the staff’s hands are washed frequently.
  5. Ask your staff to take separate breaks.
  6. Stop your staff from sharing equipment/tools and provide each staff member with their own personal items.

Change your layout – Social Distancing

  1. Update floor plans. Limit number of spaces per table.
  2. Where possible put up dividers/barriers to limit contact between staff and customers.
  3. Try not to allow customers to congregate in waiting areas or bars.
  4. Try and have one staff member monitoring the capacity of people entering and ensure they are at a safe distance apart.
  5. If your premises allows this, have separate doors for the entrance and exit as this will limit the traffic flow and possible cross-contamination.
  6. Embrace ICRTouch TouchReservations – with limited capacity, you want to make sure that there are still guests coming in and also make sure that those coming in don’t have to wait too long for their table.
  7. Customers should be discouraged from returning empty glasses to the bar.

HM Government – Guidance for employers, employees and the self-employed 11 May 2020.

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