Pubs and Restaurants in England restricted by law to table service only.

New COVID measures come back into place across England for the hospitality sector. As of Thursday 24th September, by law Pubs, Restaurants and other Hospitality venues are now restricted to table service only and are also having to close at 22:00. With the evenings ending earlier for these establishments and ordering at the bar banned, many businesses will need to review the running of their site. Customers might take into consideration: how quickly tables are turned over; serving customers more efficiently and ultimately the safety of the staff and customers.

PocketTouch can take pressures off serving customers

PocketTouch is a professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders. You can order, pay and print a receipt directly from the table. No need for your customers to place an order at the bar. PocketTouch provides a quick and efficient service meaning faster turnarounds and freeing the table for your next customers.

Customers are served safely whilst keeping staff protected with ByTable

ByTable is the order-to-table solution for Restaurants, Pubs and Bars, your customers can enjoy meals and drinks without close interaction with staff or other guests, and without handling menus, payment terminals or cash. Your customers will have the opportunity to explore your full product range at their leisure, encouraging them to spend more.


As the weather warms up and the summer finally approaches, hospitality business owners have plenty on their plate to prepare for the expected increase in footfall. To make the most of the busy summer season and ensure the most is made of the opportunities for increased revenue, it’s important to get ready with the right tools in place.
Every year here at ICRTouch we review our network of truster Authorised Partners and pull together an official list of the top performing who are then granted either Silver or Gold Status. We're delighted to be able to announce this year's top Partners.