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EPoS In Stadiums

For sports teams the fans are everything. A sold out arena, full of fans donning the team’s colours can will a team onto success. But it isn’t just the team that loves the fans, the stadium does too. Pre-game retail merchandise sales, intermission hospitality services, and even to-seat or VIP box ordering during the game. The fan is where the profit is to be made for the stadium.

In this article we look at various ICRTouch software, designed to help stadiums maximise their revenue in hospitality and retail. To-seat ordering, SelfService, webshop, fast till operation, handheld order pads, memberships and more.


Stadiums often have Cafés, Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, VIP service, kiosk and mobile hospitality services. ICRTouch software is designed for hospitality, and can cater to every eventuality within a stadium.

Queue Busting

TouchPoint is optimised for minimal key presses and fast transactions to serve your customers efficiently.

Integrated EFT card payments mean clerks don’t have the risk of manual input error and customers can pay using card, contactless or mobile payment methods.

Allow your customers to pre-order their drinks to cut down the queues at peak times and intermissions.

Process orders from anywhere in your venue with our PocketTouch handheld devices, allowing premier league service for VIPs and guests.


PocketTouch table service waiting pads help keep the queues to a minimum at the intermission. Your staff stay informed and have up-to-date information about your products and menu at their fingertips. They can take orders quickly, more accurately and be on hand to serve customers.

Order To Seat

ICRTouch SelfService kiosks and TouchTakeaway webshops can be linked with your WiFi connection so customers can place an order to their seat number or area. Great for large stadiums and VIP boxes.

Merchandise Stores

Kits, scarves, memorabilia, presents, you sell it all in the merchandise store and stalls.


Members only pricing and promotions can be setup for card carriers whilst non members still pay standard rates. This is ideal for season ticket holders, to encourage them to spend more during the season.

TouchPoint includes in-built loyalty and discount schemes. Use it to oversee reward points and money off initiatives.

Online Store

Do you have an existing webshop? ICRTouch integrates with Prestashop, Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. All sales go through the TouchPoint till and are recorded in one centralised report.

TouchOffice Web – Business Intelligence

TouchOffice Web allows managers to keep an eye on stock through the various locations and provide easy re-ordering with suppliers, as well as keeping an eye on sales figures in real-time during a game. Historical reporting allows managers to work out how much stock they need for each game, whether it is a big premier league match or for the juniors.

Stock Management

TouchOffice Web keeps track of your stock. Clerks will know if you have the jersey in a large without leaving the service area.

References: Featured ICRTouch Partners

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As the weather warms up and the summer finally approaches, hospitality business owners have plenty on their plate to prepare for the expected increase in footfall. To make the most of the busy summer season and ensure the most is made of the opportunities for increased revenue, it’s important to get ready with the right tools in place.
Every year here at ICRTouch we review our network of truster Authorised Partners and pull together an official list of the top performing who are then granted either Silver or Gold Status. We're delighted to be able to announce this year's top Partners.