Calorie count on menus welcomed by consumers, but are you ready?

Research shows that most consumers think the new rules surrounding calorie information on menus are a positive thing, but as the legislation comes into force today (6th April), are you ready to make the change?

The new Calorie Labelling legislation means certain businesses are now required to display the energy content of their meals on menus, menu boards and online. It forms part of a public health drive which targets restaurant and takeaway meals and aims to encourage consumers to make healthier choices.

ByTable order-to-table software from ICRTouch

New data from Vita Mojo and Kam has shown that the addition of calories under menu items is likely to influence more than half of consumers’ choices when it comes to deciding on what to eat. 68% surveyed however, feel the new legislation is a ‘good move’.

Aimed at chains rather than smaller independent operations, the rules come into place tomorrow for businesses with 250 employees or more, including caterers, franchisees and food delivery companies.

Find out more about the Calorie Labelling Legislation at

Here at ICRTouch, we’re constantly developing and upgrading our ecosystem of software and to help our customers stay on top of all the latest regulations, we’ve now implemented functionality to enable customers to stay in line with this new Calorie Labelling legislation.

ByTable And TouchTakeaway Functionality Updated

ByTable and TouchTakeaway are intelligent, intuitive solutions that provide your customers the opportunity to read your menus and product lists, place orders and complete payments, all from their own device.

Whether they’re being accessed via a weblink, QR code or even downloadable app, the solutions give you flexibility to broaden revenue streams and streamline operations with a fully integrated system.

According to the regulations, calorie and portion size information must be displayed at ‘the point of choice for the customer’. This means not only menus and menu boards, but also online or where food is chosen from items on display. Our food and drink ordering solutions will now clearly display calorie and portion size information that can be easily specified via the back office management system, TouchOffice Web.


As the weather warms up and the summer finally approaches, hospitality business owners have plenty on their plate to prepare for the expected increase in footfall. To make the most of the busy summer season and ensure the most is made of the opportunities for increased revenue, it’s important to get ready with the right tools in place.
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