Secret Garden Touring Park implements new EPoS to handle outdoor ordering

Based in Cambridgeshire, Secret Garden Touring Park provides low occupancy camping experiences to guests who are focussed on enjoying the outdoors and wildlife, in a genuine back to nature setting. Our Authorised Silver Partner, Epos Ready, were selected to provide a full new EPoS solution to the park ahead of their busy summer season.

Touring park implements ICRTouch EPoS solutions

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Touring park implements ICRTouch EPoS solutions

The brief - simplify order taking from extensive outdoor seating

Providing entertainment and catering from their on-site pub, Secret Garden has a significant amount of outdoor seating across their 11 acres, meaning a system to simplify the food and drink ordering process was essential.

The park’s old EPoS system needed updating to facilitate reliable at-table ordering functionality (ByTable); both for guests placing their own orders via an easy to use app and also for staff taking their orders at the tables. Due to the size of the serving area, it was essential that orders could be sent to the kitchen and bar without the staff having to do multiple trips back and forth to the central till system. The management team were also looking to improve the control and transparency of the whole system as well as increase spend per head and provide guests with a more memorable, streamlined experience.

The solution - an integrated solution that simplifies processes

Authorised Partner, Epos Ready, installed select software products from the ICRTouch ecosystem which included TouchPoint, PocketTouch, ByTable and integration with Paymentsense payment solutions. Thanks to 20+ years of development on our flagship software, TouchPoint, Secret Garden now has a fully integrated EPoS system that is able to handle all the demands of the business. Adding PocketTouch at-table ordering devices allows the staff to digitally take orders at the table, sending them directly to the kitchen and bar with just a single button press. As well as staff being able to focus more on providing excellent customer service as a result of PocketTouch simplifying their processes, the ByTable order-to-table solution means customers can place their own orders independently. Via a fully branded app that houses the Secret Garden’s chosen menu, guests can browse in their own time and place orders when they’re ready, for delivery to their tables. The full solution, implemented by Epos Ready, offers the business everything they need and more to maximise sales whilst delivering a professional standard of service.

The result - improved guest experience and quicker service

Since Epos Ready’s installation of the ICRTouch software, Secret Garden’s management team have found that their new EPoS solutions are able to keep up with the ever-changing business. A recently installed events bar, separate to the main bar area, has been installed easily, with just a new printer. With the guidance from the Epos Ready team, the new bar was up and running, ready for a sold out event in just a matter of hours. As a result of TouchPoint and the whole ecosystem being designed to integrate seamlessly, scaling the system is made incredibly simple. TouchPoint is also being used for its clocking in and out functionality, making it easier for payroll, especially with a high number of part time employees. The PocketTouch software has helped Secret Garden maximise sales, particularly on event nights as staff members can now manage table-to-table taking orders without needing to go back and forth from the bar, whilst one member of the team handles drink delivery within a couple of minutes. Following the successful installation, the Epos Ready team are now in discussion with Secret Garden about our Ticketing solution which would help them cope with the demand of the summer months as well as vouchers to increase gift card sales and repeat custom.

“We have found that the ICRTouch solution has really improved our customer service, on busy nights our staff have time to chat to customers and make them feel welcome while taking their order because the tickets come from PocketTouch straight through to the bar and the order can be processed immediately.”

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