How are hospitality businesses tackling these tough times?

COVID-19 has hit the hospitality industry hard and poses a serious threat to many UK businesses. So how are hospitality businesses tackling these tough times and what can you do to keep trading? Below we offer some pointers.
A restaurant table

Offer takeouts – Customers can pre order over the phone or through a TouchTakeaway online store (See your ICRTouch Partner for setup), and collect from your restaurant. This will keep footfall down while continuing to trade.

Home Delivery – Offer home delivery for drinks, food and dried goods i.e a coffee house might want to consider offering whole packs of coffee beans for delivery, either a one off or on a schedule.

As well as offering a click and collect pub service, why not offer a ‘Pub In A Box’ delivery service.

Make your customers aware – Make your customers aware of the maximum number of people you will have in your restaurant and ask your customers to stay away if they have symptoms. Customers should be advised pay by contactless card if under £30, avoid handling cash without disposable gloves.

Responsible Cleanliness – Staff should wear protection while preparing food and serving, making sure they wash their hands with alcohol gel between table service. Tables should be disinfected between each sitting as well as door handles, pinpads and frequently touched surface areas. Staff should wear gloves or use a personal stylus when operating the till or PocketTouch order pads.

Loyalty schemes – Utilise loyalty schemes in your EPoS system to keep customers coming back multiple times throughout the lockdown period. Let your customers know that next week the discount code CONVID19, will give them a 19% discount when ordering from your TouchTakeaway online shop.

Data – Use your TouchOffice Web account to learn what your most popular products are so that you can streamline your delivery product options and create offers based off of these. You can use your customer database to target your top customers first.

Vouchers – If you need to close, ask loyal customers to support their local restaurant by buying redeemable vouchers, perhaps as birthday gifts.

Marketing Opportunity – Stay in touch with your community with update videos on social media. Now is a great opportunity to up your marketing game and pay attention to your customers, listen to what they want from you and personalise your service.

For example, a reason why many people may come to your establishment is for engagement and interaction. With a lack of entertainment, why not create an online group where your customers can communicate with each other while browsing your online shop.


Back in April 2023, ICRTouch made a generous contribution of £2,000 to Wightoak Youth Services. The organisation aims to provide valuable support to young people that come across the charity. Donations received are primarily directed towards facilitating activities that nurture potential future opportunities and create positive memories.