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Integrated EPoS for Denver Bars

Popular bar and restaurant, the Whitehorse in Brixton, is renowned for its delicious homemade food, great atmosphere and friendly service. The Whitehorse is one of a number of hospitality venues owned and operated by Denver Bars, which all utilise ICRTouch software alongside S4labour integrations.

Owner, Matt Ward, has been championing the ICRTouch ecosystem since 2007 and worked with our Authorised Gold Partner, Gardiff EPoS, to integrate S4labour’s workforce management solution. Seeking to streamline various HR responsibilities, Matt and the management team needed an integrated system that would help them work smarter, not harder.
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The brief - effortless staff management

Prior to the integration, Matt had been fulfilling administrative duties manually, meaning he not only had hugely labour intensive processes, but also had a significant lack of visibility over staff costs, budget and regular engagement with his team. As well as being incredibly time consuming, this manual process allowed far too much room for mistakes.

Therefore, the requirement from ICRTouch and S4labour was for a collaborative solution that could help Matt streamline operations and speed up tasks such as workforce planning, shift scheduling, employee data, payroll and time/attendance.

The solution - intelligent back office integration

  • TouchOffice Web+ intelligent business management software

  • Already familiar with ICRTouch products such as TouchPoint tills, PocketTouch hand-held ordering and ByTable order-to-table solutions, the Whitehorse, and other Denver Bars venues, upgraded their TouchOffice Web account to TouchOffice Web+ to enable S4labour integration. The intuitive human resource management system provides a clear overview of staff operations and a range of tools to help facilitate easy workforce management. The integration with ICRTouch software, TouchOffice Web+ facilitates the sharing of sales data to S4labour, meaning data-driven forecasting and resource allocation can be done easily.

    The result - Streamlined human resource management and improved operational efficiency

    The introduction of S4labour has significantly increased the efficiency of Denver Bars’ workforce management, resulting in more engagement and clearer communication with the teams. Owner, Matt, now has access to a robust management tool which, thanks to the seamless integration of S4labour and TouchOffice Web+, means no more manual administrative duties on spreadsheets and other outdated systems. Clearly displayed rotas, easy holiday management, simple exportable payroll information and end of week reports are combined within the S4labour dashboard.

    “Having everything in one user-friendly interface is really helpful. Quick access to wage percentage goes a long way to saving us money long term.”

    The solutions intuitively communicate with one another and update all information in real-time. The snapshot and labour percentage views in S4labour allow for quick oversight and with the integration in place.

    “The ongoing development of ICRTouch solutions is great to help us keep up with growing demand. Partnerships such as the one with S4labour help us operate more efficiently.”

    Having access to both systems ultimately streamlines the organisation of employees by providing a clear bird’s eye view of behind the scenes administrative tasks.

    “The systems are fast and reliable, and support from Gardiff EPoS has always been easily accessible and knowledgeable."

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