Improved customer experience for busy fish & chip shop thanks to updated EPoS

A busy fish & chip shop / takeaway located in the centre of Bedford, King Cod, was struggling with several issues related to outdated point of sale (POS).

Our Authorised Silver Partner, ASG, was asked to work with the King Cod team to implement a more reliable system that could help them manage operations more efficiently.

Staff member using a TouchPoint till in King Cod fish & chip shop

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ASG have over 40 years experience supplying cash registers and EPoS systems. Whether you are a start-up or established business, ASG EPoS provide, install and support complete hospitality and retail EPoS systems tailored to the way you run your business.

Staff member using a TouchPoint till in King Cod fish & chip shop

The brief - improved customer experience and increased revenue

The King Cod team were facing a number of issues including frequent crashes, slow processing times, and difficulties in managing inventory. This was causing long wait times for customers and lost sales for the business, so the owners knew they needed an improved system that could help not only make them more efficient, but also improve customer experience and increase revenue.

Additionally, the old system was difficult to use, making it challenging for staff to manage orders effectively.

The solution - intuitive software that integrates seamlessly

ASG started a consultant process to ensure the new solution would help King Cod streamline their operations, reduce errors and provide a better experience for their customers. A tailored solution was recommended to meet their needs which included hardware, software and an ongoing support package.

The updated hardware included a new touch screen monitor running TouchPoint, receipt printer, cash drawer, card reader, display screen and postcode lookup facility. As well as being significantly more reliable, the new hardware was also faster than the previous system and benefited from easy to use integrated payment processing.

Both TouchPoint and TouchOffice Web were implemented to enable the King Cod team to instantly work more efficiently. Giving them improved control of inventory management, order tracking and reporting alongside the software being intuitive and easy to use, helped them reduce team training times.

A ByTable app and webshop was implemented to help King Cod diversify revenue streams whilst providing an improved customer experience. This solution, along with the wider ecosystem, integrated seamlessly to takeaway services such as JustEat and Deliveroo, providing a multi-channel approach that kept control in one place thanks to the TouchOffice Web back-office business management software.

The result - a solid foundation for future growth

The new ICRTouch ecosystem, provided expertly by ASG EPoS, has helped King Cod in several key ways. Reliability and speed improvements have led to increased revenue and a significantly improved customer experience. The system’s faster processing times lead to streamline operations as well as reduced queues and wait times.

Inventory management and reporting features provided by TouchOffice Web allow the owners to keep real-time track of business performance, giving them the ability to make informed decisions about their operations at any time.

King Cod have increased both their customer base and revenue thanks to the intelligent, intuitive ICRTouch EPoS solutions provided by ASG. The new install has given the business a solid foundation for future growth.

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