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Entrance tickets can be sold online and the ticket sent via text message to the customer’s smartphone. Tickets are scanned directly from the mobile screen at the entrance terminal or turnstile to provide quick entrance, cutting down on queuing times or even allowing for a separate fast track queue and automated entrance system. 
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The service allows for unique codes to be used, which makes the system highly secure with the option for the tickets to be redeemed only once before they no longer work.

The text service also works with loyalty schemes to allow for multiple purchase redemptions such as the typical coffee shop scheme — buy 10 coffees and get the next one free.

Automatically text the customer when they are near the redemption point to encourage them back to purchase their last item. When the customer completes the scheme, a voucher is sent via text to their smartphone which can then be redeemed by scanning at the point of sale.

When either a ticket or voucher is redeemed, texts and emails can be sent to both you and your customer to inform them of the redemption. The message could also include requests for feedback, details of upcoming news and events, or remind them how to get another loyalty voucher.

Messages can be delayed for a period of time after the event, so that some time passes before the customer is contacted.

All the services are fully automated, without the need to print and maintain physical tickets or cards, allowing the right voucher to be delivered at the right time.

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